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I'm just going to jump in here quickly and say that sexual discussions shouldn't completely be outlawed. However I still believe that it should be reduced since there are a handful of them in just a day, or the hint of one even if it isn't too obvious. It's kind of unfair to use age here you know? I mean young users like myself and Red don't have to look at the chat 24/7, when we find something inappropiate or isn't right to view at our age, we can just close the tab or do something else while the others chat about mature content or sexual discussions etc.

Also I'm just going to add that staff aren't the only ones who can take control of sexual discussions. You can take part as well- even if you're just a regular user or voiced etc. Whether you're an admin or not, you can play a role as well. Now exactly how? You know yourself better than anyone else. You should know what makes you feel uncomfortable or content that goes too far. While others are having sexual discussions, we users don't necessarily have to view and chat along with it, which I think is the point some are forgetting. Not to be rude, but our eyes aren't superglued to the screen 24/7. My point is that we can take our own responsibility and know what's right or wrong for us. If this paragraph doesn't make sense please let me know and I'll try and explain it better.

I mean I admit yesterday the line was crossed, but is it really necessary to ban all sorts of sexual discussions? I'm agreeing with Golurk we need to have a line yes, on how far people should take sexual discussions but banning it completely is just ridiculous. Also the +18 channel, I don't think would really work considering a majority of our users are under the age of 18, so there would hardly be any discussion in that channel if one was to ever come around. But that's just my opinion!
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