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Black 2 (4/13/13)

I traded a bunch of pokemon from my Black that I need in my Black 2- Skitty, Tepig (I started with Snivy), Pinsir, Numel, Archen, and Elekid.

I also leveled up my Bronsor into a Bronzong.


My eggs started piling up again so I decided to go for another bike ride on Skyarrow bridge. This resulted in me getting an Igglybuff, Bonsly, Spinarak, Deino, and Slakoth.

I also leveled up my Vulpix and evolved it using a Fire Stone. I am slowly getting closer to completing my Unova Dex!

Unova Dex

Seen: 294
Obtained: 212

Pokemon Go Dex: 75
ORAS National Dex: 395

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