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Quote originally posted by Aerilyn:
There we have it folks, the last leg of the Unova League. It sure was a ride, wasn't it?

I appreciate that even though Pignite is Ash's only evolved Unova starter [thus far], they saved Snivy for last and continued to show its strengths even to the last bit of strength she had against Cameron's Lucario.

Overall though, this was a bit of a disappointing end to Ash's larger arc in Unova and it was a bit anticlimactic. Where was all the big explosions and Pikachu lighting up the entire field with a massive Thunder Bolt before its final fall? It certainly didn't live up to the Sinnoh League in my opinion. I mean, sure, Ash losing to Tobias' legendary Pokémon was a total sellout, but I found him losing to Cameron and his recently evolved Lucario to be cheap. Cameron, as much as I like the character, was kind of a mess so it's hard to believe he would beat Ash like that. Also, I didn't feel like there was enough build up to these episodes. In Sinnoh, you felt the built up with Ash and Paul's rivalry, but here, we've only gotten to know and see Cameron for such a short period of time and Trip was gone early, so there really wasn't much hype.

It was kind of funny how Cilan, Bianca, and Stephan kept underestimating Ash's Pikachu though. Like, I just kept thinking, "If they only knew what Pikachu has been up against already. If they only knew."

Also, I'm upset Ash and Virgil never got to battle. The writers had implied that they would, but never did. Maybe they forgot (lol). It's also a bit disappointing Ash didn't make it back into the Top 4. He got pushed back to the Top 8 which is a first. He's either always matched his prior place or moved up a tier.

Anyway, I'm complaining too much and this is getting lengthy. I need to say something positive. Um...Oh! I liked the extended version of the opening theme song and I did like the short montage of Ash looking back at his travels in Unova. That was nice.

All in all, I didn't really care much for this league conference. I look forward to us finally moving onto the N Episodes.

Bro you stole the exact words from my mouth. Really disappointed too after Ash's loss to Cameron. Man why the heck. At Ash should could battle Virgil in the final round

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