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It's funny though. I started this thread with the intention of letting people speak their personal perceptions of what atheism is, and I didn't foresee how letting people express their differences would come in the way of mutual understanding. Having that proposition determine one's belief vs. religion cuts out a lot of the juice in conversation though. While it might be convenient to reduce whether you're an atheist to yay or nay to a claim, it doesn't leave much room for common ground on a personal level. I think the direction this thread will eventually go is to explain how we perceive atheism and religion in terms of how it affects relationships between people - for example, how the stranger I met helped me (I've got an atheist perspective) from a Christian point of view, because that's something we can all agree on. Different perspectives can be a source of misunderstanding and humour, or might give you greater insight into a problem or human nature or anything you might be pondering. It's like those Reader's Digest anecdotes, for those of you who've read them at your doctor's office - always interesting and great discussion material to boot.

I appreciate how well you clarified an acid test for atheism, but I'd also like to keep the discussion going because once you get to certainties and likelihoods you end up with personal preferences and the thread turns into a show and tell, which it has been for the recent while so let's change that.

I'm slightly frustrated over how this thread is going because a lot of what I've read here concerning the relationship between atheism and religion is basically leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. How about some personal stories about you interacting with atheism/religion, or witnessing a conflict between friends and describing you how felt or what you took away from it? The interactions you've witnessed between atheism and religion can't all be non-interactions can they?
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