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Originally Posted by Curtis talli View Post
I would like to join this club please

Name: Curtis Talli
two cute pokemon: Meowth and Emolga
Parter Pokemon: Talia the Emolga

I love cute pokemon because they are full of energy, fluffy and just want to pick them up to hug them.

The reason I choose Emolga instead of Meowth is I find it cuter after seeing it in that Anime ep, spamming Attact just to get the other pokemons apples.

if I have forgotten something please tell me.
Hi, welcome to the club! :D I agree with you about Emolga, in the anime she can be absolutely adorable oh gosh. But when she's showing her true character she's a bit of a mean Pokémon to be honest, I'm not her biggest fan! What is it that you find cute about her and Meowth? :)

Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
But then again, most starters are designed towards being cute, since it's supposed to be their baby stage. Some of them may differ from this pattern, like Treecko, but they're mostly supposed to be cute Pokemon :D
I'd say that's certainly true! They always seem to go either for the "cute cuddly partner" route, or the "fierce loyal companion" route, but definitely more-so for the former. That being said, I can't think of a single starter Pokémon that doesn't look cute in the right light (perhaps Snivy? She's too stuck-up to be cute ;D), but perhaps I just have very low standards haha. As for Treecko, I definitely think he's a cutie, it's mainly his mannerisms and his opinion of himself - it's really cute to see how determined he is!

Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Pachirisu is definitely a cute Pokemon, but to me, that personality made it seem less cute to me. With a design like that, I thought it'd make for a cheerful and sweet Pokemon, but instead we get a sneaky and mischievous little bugger. It didn't make me like the character less, because a Pokemon with that kind of personality is just a must, but abusing its cuteness to get what it want, just made it seem less cute to me :/ But to each their own, it's still cute regardless :)
I'm confused whether you're talking about Dawn's Pachirisu or Iris' Emolga here! But as for Pachirisu, I think his mischievousness made him all the more cute. The first episode that Dawn tries to start training him and he's running all over the place like a crazy thing is utterly adorable, that whole scene just makes me go "OH MY GOD IT'S SO CUTE". It's just so cheeky and naughty and the look on his face just makes it such a cute moment, really sets the seen well for Pachirisu. :D

Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
Name: Meganium90
Two cute Pokemon: Chikorita & Cyndaquil
Partner Pokemon: Chikorita, obv!

I can't even decide who to choose as a cute Pokemon. The majority of them are all adorable. The starters, the Eeveelutions including Eevee, and many others I can't even name. I chose Chikorita because it's the most cutest grass-type ever, alongside Chespin because Chespin is simply adorable.

Echoing on the others who said Pachirisu is cute. I mean, I've seen the anime a few times, and Pachirisu is like....omg I just wanna touch its cheeks! (I don't care if I get shocked xD).
Hola Amigo, welcome to the club! What is it you find so cute about Chikorita and Cyndaquil? Cyndaquil is pretty obvious, he's probably one of my Top 3 all-time cutest Pokémon, but what do you find so cute about Chikorita? I'm aware that I said it's a cute Pokémon further up the page, but that was mostly just trying to prove a point paha, honestly I don't think he's that cute at all! I'd love to hear why you do? :D

Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
The club is up!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!! :D <3
Definitely joining this club ;)

Name: Avishka
Two cute Pokemon: Charmander and Growlithe
Partner Pokemon: Growlithe

I love cute Pokemon! There are so many cute Pokemon and it was very hard for me to pick a partner Pokemon. All the cute Pokemons have big eyes, small paws and mouth and they are small and chubby :D
Hi Avishka, welcome to the club! I agree that there's countless cute Pokémon, but we just need to find them all. :D What is it you find so cute about Charmander and Growlithe? I absolutely love the whole "big eyes, small paws and chubby body" factor that seems to apply to finding things cute, this is pretty much the definition of Sandshrew. ;D But I think that definition is somewhat accurate too, if you look at our list of cute Pokémon now it definitely is a running theme!

Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
Thank god! Pachy added the club userbar in her sig :)
Everyone should do this, js ;D
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