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Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Hola Amigo, welcome to the club! What is it you find so cute about Chikorita and Cyndaquil? Cyndaquil is pretty obvious, he's probably one of my Top 3 all-time cutest Pokémon, but what do you find so cute about Chikorita? I'm aware that I said it's a cute Pokémon further up the page, but that was mostly just trying to prove a point paha, honestly I don't think he's that cute at all! I'd love to hear why you do? :D
Chikorita is cute, because when it wants to be tough, it will act tough, but in a cute and adorable way. I love its red eyes on how they become enlarged when it's happy, and I just wanna hug it and cry with it whenever it cries.

One of the reasons why I like Chikorita:
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