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Quote originally posted by Navy Blue:
Love your sig, RandomDSdevel.

Thanks a lot, Navy Blue!

Quote originally posted by C Payne:
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You're right; according to Bulbapedia's listing of cities and towns by name, Hoenn has 16 cities and towns, which is four fewer than Unova's 20 (I counted the number of listings belonging to each region after sorting the table by the 'Region' column, though I wish it would sort in the order that each of these regions were introduced instead of alphabetically.) That leaves a little room for GameFreak to add a few more areas to Hoenn even if they aren't settled areas. I'm okay with the Hoenn region getting the same treatment that Johto did in HG/SS.

Don't forget, the Hoenn map also has a bunch of unused/inaccessible islands! Not that it really means too much right now but it's definitely possible to expand to them if it means the mainland not getting too cluttered.

Oh, yeah; a quick glance at the map (which I haven't really examined in a while due to the following post…:

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And then there are those of us who were able to borrow a sibling's copy of Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald until we found ourselves gaining access to our own Pokémon game or games, thus rendering our ability to play the former null and void. For example, my brother let me borrow Sapphire since he also had Ruby until I received FireRed (without the Wireless Adapter, unfortunately) for one of my birthdays. My sister then acquired Sapphire from this brother, preventing me from playing it again. This set circumstances happens to drive me to want RSE remakes as part of the fact that I grew up with the remade Pokémon games instead of the originals. I was able to get Diamond, though…(thoughts fast forward to what might happen to this cartridge when the Sinnoh remakes come out.)

…so I went over to Bulbapedia to fix that little problem) reveals the existence of two unnamed islands in Hoenn's central waters that are the only two islands in the Hoenn region that are not connected to routes besides the Southern Island, which hosts the Eon Ticket event which allowed players to obtain either Latios (Sapphire/Emerald) and/or Latias (Ruby/Emerald) depending on his or her version of the game, and the Island hosting the Battle Frontier. Further inspection of both the in-game and the anime maps of the Hoenn region reveals about twenty or so little islands scattered throughout the waters under the jurisdiction of Hoenn's government, if any (the Pokémon League?)

Quote originally posted by C Payne:
Quote originally posted by RandomDSdevel:
The problem with having both the old contests and Emerald's Battle Frontier is that GameFreak would have to figure out how to point Contest-goers to that post-game area without reintroducing Battle Tents (was that what they were called?) Otherwise, I'd like this to happen.

Are you talking about an introduction to the Frontier? They could just advertise it on TV or something after you arrived back home after the league. I loved watching TV to check to see if friends' achievements, the 'special' promotions, etc. showed up after mixing records and everything.

Having the old contests split up again seems like a much better idea anyways because, like someone mentioned before, the tents lacked purpose really, imo. It was also a nice touch to have to travel to get to each level of contests instead of cramming them together if you ask me.

Speaking of the retro contests, one would hope that they allow online, like has been mentioned before. I preferred the old over Gen IV's.

Yeah, me too! Also, I'm very happy that you were able to solve the potential conflict between the old contest system and Emerald's Battle Tents by relegating the job of alerting players of the Battle Frontier to television announcers. And if anyone complains about how far apart the different sub-competitions' hosting cities are, I'm going to dive-bomb them from my Wingull (LOL — could the weakling even support my weight? Maybe I should ride Pelipper instead…) while it's using Fly!

Quote originally posted by C Payne:
Quote originally posted by RandomDSdevel:
I'd like to see Navel Rock and Birth Island return to the main games, but what would you do there? Seriously, the legendaries that you caught there before have been made available through HG/SS.

Why does Pokemon availability have to play an importance there, haha? We also had everything available in Gen III(in some way) before HGSS rolled around but that didn't stop them. There's always been ways to get every Pokemon really.

Actually, you're right about Navel Rock but wrong about Birth Island. The former allows players to obtain both Ho-oh and Lugia (oops…I thought they were each on separate islands both of these legendary Pokémon should be available to players through either whatever migration system GameFreak might bake into the remakes and/or an in-game event in either X and Y and/or the RSEmakes. Ho-oh and Lugia were also available through the GameCube side-story games hosted in the Orre region after certain events (purifying all Shadow Pokémon and defeating Mt. Battle in Pokémon Colosseum to get Ho-oh and purifying Shadow Lugia to get Lugia in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.) Birth Island, on the other hand, hosted a Deoxys event which will likely remain available only through Nintendo's special distribution system. The same goes for Faraway Island, which hosted a Mew event in Emerald after being added to your in-game map via use of the Old Sea Map e-Reader card. But I can concede that each of the Pokémon games has allowed most players to catch plenty of Pokémon regardless of these creatures' region of origin.

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