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Charles rolled over in bed. The sunlight beat down through the window. Eyes already open, he was forced to get out of bed.

He muttered to himself, "No...", and closed his eyes again. His alarm clock went off a second later and he rolled his

eyes. Not the best way to start his life as a Pokemon Trainer. Looking at the roof he sighed, and pulled himself out of bed.

The inn keeper had been kind enough to let him pay extra for the room because he was a minor. Ugh, the only good thing

that could possibly happen was his Pokemon. He wondered what kind it would be.

Turning off the blaring noise of the alarm clock, he slipped off his clothes and put on some new ones. He slung his

backpack over his shoulder and walked up to the window, flinging it open. The sun shined more brightly, and Charles

looked around trying to find the lab. A large building was in the middle of the town, which he assumed was the lab. He

heard footsteps, and is door open. Charles rolled his eyes and turned around. As he guessed, it was the old haggard, Elsa

the inn-keeper.

Elsa spoke, "Well, you've been here too long, leave!" Charles rolled his eyes once more and responded, "I was on

my way, Elsa."
Turning, and storming out of the room, he brushed past her, and stomped down the stairs. Elsa's

husband walked up to him and said, "Thank you for staying with u-" But Charles ran past him, and he fell silent.

Looking around, Charles headed for the Lab. There was a boy, taller than him standing outside of it, but Charles paid him

no attention. Charles flung open the door and took a deep breath, closing his eyes. He said keeping himself in control,

"Hello, Professor, you wanted ten new trainers?" But there was no response. Charles opened his eyes, and found no

one to be there. The irritable person that he was, with much anger inside of him, let out a scream. A long, ear-piercing

scream. There was a short quick yelp to match his, and a women jumped out of a side room with a wild look on her face.

She yelled, "Go, Arcani-" and then saw Charles. Her hand loosened its grip on the Pokeball she held in her

outstretched arm. "Oh. I was expecting people today wasn't I?"

Charles meekly nodded, after his outburst, he didn't feel very good, and his vocal cords felt scratchy. "You wanted

someone willing to fight back against Plasma, and to give them a Pokemon, well, here I am."
Professor Pine stuck out

her hand and said, "Hello, I'm Professor Pine. You are?"

"Charles Tevon."

"Tevon? As in-"

"Marcus Tevon, yes, but not anymore." Charles got chocked up for a second, and focused on a spot on the floor.

"I'm so sorry..." Professor Pine said, but it made no difference. "So let's get the Pokemon out."

Professor Pine got some Pokeballs out of a drawer, and sent them out. There were 20 Pokemon, but Charles' eye was

drawn directly to one Pokemon. A Riolu looking directly at him captured his look and Charles said, "I choose this Riolu."

Professor Pine looked at him and smiled. "Following his footsteps?" Charles hadn't thought about that, but smiled.

He said, "Thanks," and left the lab. The boy was still standing outside, and Charles said, "Hey," before

moving on.


Good first post. Can you pay more attention to grammar and punctuation please? Although I like the way it felt like you were speeding it up to match the ADHD senario. Also could you make the posts longer please? That's it! Good job.

P.S. Taylor Swift doesn't exist.

Death to Plasma?
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