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Just listing things off, for the wild Pokémon
- Use pathfinding to locate target Pokémon (Main character, partner, teammate, decoy)
- Have a species, stats, and 4 moves, as well as IQ
- Limit as to amount of Pokemon per floor? (Excluding kecleon swarms) Means less potential lagggg (Imagine 1000 Pokemon on a floor....)
Anything I'm missing?
Similar for teammates, apart from limit for Pokemon per floor

Quote originally posted by Rayquaza.:
Also the mystery dungeon battle scenes aren't exactly the same at all. Most of the battles in PMD happen in maps without transitions.
Sorry if I was unclear, the actual battle scene would come from the minigame, but the logic could mostly come from the battle script. The minigame happens on the map
The Monoball Challenge - Have you got what it takes to catch 'em all, but with only one type of Pokéball?