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Obviously GenWunners speak for themselves. But I don't think that one specific generation is overrated. All the games bring something new and innovative to the table that make the game different to create something fresh.

However, I am a bit biased to children who play the latest games and say they're the best when they make no effort to touch R/B/Y and don't understand the true difficulty of a Pokémon game. These children these days are pampered and their hands are held throughout the game.

For example, in the recent installations. When you're poisoned you no longer take walking damage.

I can tell you I was thoroughly disappointed in B2 when I was sent to sewers by Iris to hunt down some Plasma members and my rival accompanied. I've always enjoyed the challenge of diving into a mess by myself. Now, apparently GameFreak doesn't think we can handle it.

Sorry for the irrelevant response. My answer is everything past Gen IV.
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