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[Hex Editor] PokeHex
-A Pokemon Hexadecimal Editor-


Everything has a humble beginning, doesn't it? This Hex Editor started off as a very humble release, and didn't receive any praise at all in the beginning. But a humble release doesn't warrant a humble future. This current build is the final Alpha version of PokeHex.

PokeHex is a Hex Editor dedicated to ROM Hacking on a whole new level. It has many functions that are purely for hacking Pokemon ROMs.

When you first started hex editing, you might have deleted an area of bytes, and noticed that the ROM did not function at all. Later, you might have realized that doing so shifted all of the bytes down. As a more seasoned hacker, you might still feel inconvenienced by this.

This program would be the diagnosis. I want to make ROM hacking as comfortable and convenient for you as possible. Maybe, just possibly, this will eventually become a household hacking tool.

(Think about a ROM hacking IDE. /nosebleed)

If you have knowledge of a particular tool, or would like to help, send me a VM or PM.

If there are questions that you have, bugs that you would like to report, or new features that you would like to suggest, you can comment on this thread, or VM or PM me as well.

And yay ^_^ I released this the day before I turn 14 :)

All functions are programmed to support ROM hacking.
Cutting will fill the selection area with FF bytes.
Pasting will overwrite bytes instead of inserting them.
'Deleting' a selected area of bytes will only replace the selection area with FF bytes.
Pressing 'Delete' or 'Backspace' without a selection with delete an FF byte and move forwards or backwards one byte, respectively.

Current Features
Complimentaries (Opening, Saving, Editing Functions, Search Functions)
One-Click Run in VBA
One-Click Backup
Endian Hex Reversing Tool Window
Hex Calculator Tool Window
Base Converter Tool Window
ROM Extender
THUMB/ARM Assembler with Inline Output
Bit-Flicking Module (Byte Splicing, shifting, circling, notting)
Choice Between RSEFRLG and ANSI Text-Tables
Customization (Color Scheme, Font, and Others)
Hex Editing Information
Quite a few easter eggs, as well, if you can find them.

To-Do List
Patcher Compatible with IPS/UPS/APS-----20%
Script Editor-----70%
Free Space Finder-----60%
User-Defined Macros-----20%
Native Tools Similar to YAPE, AdvanceMap-----40%


Known Bugs
Program crashes when exploiting the file past the last byte.

All Win32 and Win64 computers. .NET Framework 2.0 and up.

Programmer: DeltaSalamence

I could only upload the application itself with the thread; the full repository is here, which contains a download with several hacking tools included that the program uses for quick access.

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