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@iMor you are accepted. I just hope your up to the challenge with Ditto, and welcome to the RP.

New Character for me :D

Name: Wilson Mayes

Nickname: Wil

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wil is an average height for his age with a bit on the light side for weight but who really wasn't after the crisis began. Wil has short dark brown hair no more than an inch long and brown eyes. Wil was naturally a darker skin what would seem to most as a good tan skinned body. Always seems to wear this red polo shirt with two horizontal blue stripes going down the middle. Wearing camo shorts and traditional red sneakers.

Personality: A really bright character that is always looking to interact with somebody. Doesn't mind being alone but when he is he trys to make conversation. Always trues to be what he calls cool, by being like other people that are considered cool in his eyes. Always looking to make a new friend having no family alive.

History: Parents died soon after the crisis began leaving Wil behind by himself. Wil being left by himself he soon came to Veilstone hoping for a better place to be. Though it was not what he expected. With it being a city thats says it allows Pure-Hearted from the outside but they are looked down upon from the inside. This leading to Wil hiding his true identity of being a pure-hearted.

Pokemon: Gengar

Nickname: Felix

Personality: Felix is very sneaky which would be considered typical for Gengar's. He is very care free, lay back, relaxing type as well.

Moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Sludge Bomb, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Thunderbolt

Other: (none)
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