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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
I've worked retail selling cellphones and plans for a summer and a semester. I stopped this semester, but I started feeling that it wasn't for me. I enjoyed speaking to customers and I completely loved the people I worked with. Without any doubt, I would describe it as a great first job experience. But I just don't like the idea of selling something in return for money.

I'm a university student right now, and I'm beginning to think that my entire life will be dedicated to science - which worries me, because retail is such a huge sector and so many people, people I know and people in general, get work there and I don't want to reject something that a majority of people find works for them. I feel that I am kind of conscientiously opposed to the sales ethos, to put it one way. I'm a very cautious shopper myself, and I always want to highlight not only all the pros but all the cons of the product, then explore the product competition and then even a product that may not be a direct competition but might be a solution in another way. I'm also sickeningly frugal to the point of letting my girlfriend pay for our outings sometimes (I don't carry much but $20's and pocket change) >.<. I feel that I'm just unable to embrace selling something in a way that the company, or any company, would want you to sell it - that is, portraying it in the best possible way, plus up-selling.

I find that I'm always tempted to portray the product at its worst just to explore the entire experience of owning that product. I'm a scientist and I wanna get the clearest picture of things. And while I /can/ sell and it doesn't bother me as I'm doing it, I just feel that it goes against the grain of my personality. I do enjoy the "starting conversations with the customer" bit and that works really well, but I would much rather sell ideas than sell products.

I don't mind interviews, I don't mind learning the ropes, and I certainly don't mind getting along with customers. I am just super suspicious about anything that involves the transfer of money. And while I got paid and won't complain about that, I was irked by the idea of commission.

I feel abnormal and inadequate that selling just does not sit right with me. And I also feel that I am closing off a huge reservoir of opportunity and a safety net if my career goals do not work out. Is this a part of me worth embracing, or is the trade-off too impractical and worth getting over?

tl;dr - I don't think I have the personality to sell something for money, at least not to do it for the long run. How should I embrace/work my way around this?
My advice would be to get a job that doesn't involve you directly selling a product. Selling cellphone plans involves you actually having to actively work to sell something to a customer. If you get something in regular retail, like working in a supermarket or a department store just stocking or on the cash registers, it might sit a little bit easier with you and it's an easier job all around as well.

If you still hate doing that, my only advice is to suck it up because the world survives on the exchange of money for services and you need to put yourself through school somehow

Originally Posted by vaporeon7
I saw this and thought if this club.
OH MY GOD YES. It's so frustrating. At Liquorland your password needs to involve both letters and numbers and has to be between 6-8 characters long. What I always do is do two letters followed by 0000, because the keyboards have a '00' key, which means I only need to hit four different keys every time I need to use my password.

I started at a new store recently so I could start my password cycle back from the beginning. I started at aa0000, but I'm already up to cc0000

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