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Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Hi Avishka, welcome to the club! I agree that there's countless cute Pokémon, but we just need to find them all. :D What is it you find so cute about Charmander and Growlithe? I absolutely love the whole "big eyes, small paws and chubby body" factor that seems to apply to finding things cute, this is pretty much the definition of Sandshrew. ;D But I think that definition is somewhat accurate too, if you look at our list of cute Pokémon now it definitely is a running theme!
I think bcuz of their big cute eyes.. sandshrew became cute to me bcuz of u, Alex. You post so many cute pics of sandshrew <3

Welcoem to the club peiia and Blissy!!

Quote originally posted by Cassiopeiia:
I'd like to join please!
Plushie the Furret
cute nickname peiia :3

Quote originally posted by Cassiopeiia:
I love cute Pokémon as well, but nearly all pokes can be really adorable so I had a very hard time picking only two.
(Actually I just wasted half an hour trying to decide, looking at pictures of cute Pokémon...)

I picked Furret as my partner Pokémon because it's one of my favourite Pokémon overall and one I've always wanted to have in real life extra extra much. It looks a little silly and confused to me, but at the same time it's also super-fluffy and has a cute little mouth. It's cute. ^-^

I wouldn't necessarily say Furret is the cutest Pokémon for me, because I also have a total crush on Gardevoir. I figured she's more of an elegant and beautiful kind of Pokémon though, she doesn't really belong here.
There are so many pics/fanarts of cute Pokemon it's very hard to choose a single partner pokmeon .Gotta agree with you about Gardevoir. It's in the beauty category not in the cute category. Furret is one of the cutest Pokemon, it is in my top 10 cutest Pokemon list XD

Quote originally posted by KoboraX:
Name: KoboraX (But I perfer to be called Blissy)
Two cute Pokemon: Pichu and Furret
Partner Pokemon: Petal the Chikorita

Cute pokemon are super special awesome, and to me kinda drives me away from all the really powerful overused things, and it's nice getting away from that, especially with something like Chikorita.

Anyway, since I'm on the subject of Chikorita, I should get into why I picked it as my partner Pokemon. Even though I always used Totodile back when I had my old Silver Version as a kid, Chikorita has honestly been my favorite thing ever in terms of cuteness in a Pokemon. It's super awesome, I love it's cute red eyes, and it's just so kawii, and I really wish I had myself one of those Chikorita plushies and...well, let me just go to the point before I go ramble for 9001 hours. Chikorita, cutest thing ever in my opinion, but Furret is a close second and is also one of my favorite Pokemon.
as pachy and peiia said u have to choose a different partner pokemon
Everyone really loves Chikorita and now I am also loving Chikorita


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