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Oh right. Yeah I'm absolutely for those updates being done in the small update thread. B)

Also about demotions and DLoAs being posted in the thread - still a definite no from me. I'll put it this way - I've gone on DLoA before due to some pretty big deal medical issues which were, at the time, something I was feeling pretty bad about and I didn't really want to be dealing with a load of people asking what was wrong. If, at that time, the Small Updates thread had been posted and my DLoA had been logged in it, I'd have been bombarded by people asking me where I'd gone / what was wrong / hoping to see me back soon / whatever which, while the thought is nice, would have been incredibly irritating and not at all something I needed to be dealing with. A lot of DLoAs are due to either exams or circumstances outside of a staff member's control, such as my one which I just mentioned. I don't think for a minute that people on DLoA for such reasons need bombarding and really, it's pretty inconsequential to members if a mod leaves and hstaff take over. DLoAs are a matter between the staff member in question and higher staff and I don't see why we need to inform members of them, honestly. Ye can see if a staff member's not bolded any more and leave it at that. I don't really want to broadcast to the entire community that someone's had to take time off or leave; it's up to them to tell who they want to and they shouldn't be bothered with questions regarding their leave if they don't want to be.

I'd like to re-address some stuff that came up earlier a lot in this thread. I saw quite a lot of people saying that they're intimidated by higher staff because they feel like we're gonna tell them off for something, that they're in trouble, etc., but I'd like to know where this belief comes from. Do we come across as too strict in public or overly standoffish or what? Or is it just the fact that we could do those things that's scary, even if it's not something we do particularly often?
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