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Originally Posted by BraveNewWorld View Post
He's not trying to improve the North Korean economy. If he wanted to do that he wouldn't be showing his "military might" (It's all outdated WW2/Cold War era weaponry). He's only further alienated his country from the rest of the world since coming to power. If not the worst, he has to be one of the worst, leaders ever.
Exactly and his greed and decisions is gonna determine him and his peoples destiny. Leave US and its' allies alone or go through with it and get you're people killed.

@Pedro his intentions is to attack city after city and each city here has a couple million people especially cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, etc. If he nukes even one city were sending ours his way and killing all his people. If he kills 3 million of our people, were killing 10 million of his people or how ever many they have. Because America will not allow him to attack more than 1 city if they send it our way, they're ****ed simple as that.

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