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Quote originally posted by Scarf:
There's no reason to assume that the government knew anything about this beforehand. Sure, it's possible, maybe even probable, but it's nothing we should assume. There have been terrorist attacks before that took us by complete surprise, or at least took people at the top by surprise. Think of all the mass shootings in the past where only school councilors or whoever knew there was something wrong with them. When lone individuals decide to do something horrible like this there isn't as much for anti-terrorist taskforces or whatever to notice before something happens. (I think the Unabomber went unknown for something like 17 years before he was caught.) There's not a whole lot you can do to anticipate attacks by single people with a cause/grudge/crazybrain.
Certainly true! I wasn't trying to hand out any blame or anything, just saying that with the resources we have, there are many unconventional methods of finding those responsible. (:

Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
People seem to ignore the more horrid tragedies that happens in other countries but when something happens in America it's "breaking news". America is just the center of attention about everything and it's all over the world but when another country has something like this, it doesn't get recognition.
Not this again. Everyone can agree that all losses and tragedies are equally horrifying. Our reaction to what happened in Boston is not caused by our specific and greater care towards Americans. We care about everyone, it's just that this one particular tragedy is gaining much more news coverage, and in turn attention, because it's so rare that such a thing happens in America. Not to mention that when something like this happens in the US, there are bound to be grand repercussions that will affect a lot more countries.

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