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Originally Posted by Misdreavus81 View Post
I was browsing the web and someone said he has a Skarmory with the following moveset:

Drill Peck

Now, I get that Drill Peck was taught via breeding with a Doduo/drio, but how exactly did he manage to get Roost on it?

EDIT: Whoever moved my post moved it to the wrong board, this is a question regarding Black, not Black 2.
Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Your post was moved to B2/W2 Quick Questions for one specific reason: Roost is taught via Move Tutors which are based in those games. You can trade one back to B/W, but Roost cannot be learned specifically in those two games by Skarmory.

Originally Posted by BraveNewWorld View Post
Move tutor in Black and White 2 will teach Roost.

Skarmory with Roost can be attained a few ways. In B/W/B2/W2 It can appear in the Dream World with the ability Weak Armor and the attack Roost. If your friend doesn't own B2 or W2 than this is one of the ways he can have gotten it.

In generation 4, Roost was available as a TM. If he transferred from D/P/Pt/HG/SS he could have taught it Roost then and transferred it to his Gen 5 copy.

So in addition to trading it to B2W2 and using the Move tutors to teach it, he can have gotten it from the Dream World or transferred it from a fourth Generation game. So its possible to have it on Black even if the post was made before B2W2 came out.