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Originally Posted by Yusshin View Post
I think he meant that they're taking jobs causing born American citizens to go on welfare because they cannot get employed. Mexicans are willing to work for lower wages, too, and even though their stereotype says otherwise, imo they'll work harder for their buck. Employers would probably prefer a worker like that over one they have to pay properly, finance if they're injured on the job or who may or may not work as hard / take the job for granted.
Thank you that's exactly what I was getting at. Not just that they work for lower wages WHILE on welfare because we signed an agreement with Mexico stating we do that. They get everything easier than a citizen born in America. I'm not talking illegal citizens born in America because that's not "legal citizenship" that's illegal immigration still. It's just the way the liberal government here works, I don't understand they're logic. But liberals will over and over deny the fact even tho it's obvious because they have they're head stuck in the sand.
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