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People seem to ignore the more horrid tragedies that happens in other countries but when something happens in America it's "breaking news". America is just the center of attention about everything and it's all over the world but when another country has something like this, it doesn't get recognition.
Please don't even start this, especially in this thread. It's disrespectful. If you want to talk about the tragedies that happen elsewhere, then by all means, go make a thread for it. All tragedies are bad, no matter where they are in the world. If the media doesn't think that, then that's their problem, not ours. But don't come in here and start this crap. It's just plain rude. And Pedro already covered everything else I wanted to say about this. But I just couldn't leave that alone without saying something. My absolute #1 pet peeve is when people pull this kind of statement, especially when most of the time, it's someone that didn't seem to care in the first place. One bad thing happens in America, and people say "WHAT ABOUT WHAT'S HAPPENING IN ____ NO ONE CARES!!!" Well, you weren't caring to begin with, so why now? Just because something happened here and is getting attention? Don't even.

I'm not attacking you in that last statement either, it's just an example of what I've seen people do in times like these.
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