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It seems like some recently inducted guys are making too liberal use of their new mod powers.

I'll call him by name: Aerilyn.

He has a nice appetite for deleting posts which he, with all the wisdom granted to him by the gods of internet moderation, deems are "off-topic", although his criteria for what "off-topic" is, is kind of too broad. In the past few days he deleted a post of mine where I stated I was right from the beginning that the Pokémon showed in Smash was Mewtwo's new form, and not a new Pokémon as everyone was saying based on the misleading information by Poké Honestly, that was excessive. It was perfectly ON topic and didn't offend anyone.

I've not been his only victim either. The "list" of "post deleted by Aerilyn" is fairly large, just do a search in the XY thread and you'll see.

This forum is not supposed to be as liberal as 4chan, but we're not supposed to avoid walking on eggshells with every post we make.

Just sayin', you know.
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