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Let's not kid ourselves, North Korea has no intention of attacking the United States. It has intentions of reunifying Korea, it has intentions of maintaining a military balance against Japan. But it has never declared its intentions to attack the United States.

I don't know what glory is to be found by blowing up a couple hundred thousand Koreans who live in destitute conditions without the rights and freedoms you take for granted. There's no reason to want North Korea erased off the face of this earth. As a Chinese and an Asian, I take pride in our history, traditions, and nations even if we make war upon each other every now and then. It is regrettable that you had to express your feelings against North Korea in such a way.

Also, I don't see the reason in warhawking. You're not the general who has military training and has to seriously calculate how many of "our boys and girls" will be sent home in a body bag, not to mention the inevitable Korea civilian casualties either.
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