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I'll tell you what's going on:

The national forces are all over the country attacking our pacific protest groups.
They're setting their own buildings on fire and blaming the opposition.
Controlling the media, they make us look like we are the villains, that we are making a lot of vandalism and hitting other people, but we're just delivering the papers needed to make the recount. And while Maduro is talking nonsense and blocking the only opposition channel on tv, military forces are breaking into people's houses and threatening everyone out on the streets.

They've killed a lot of us already. My friends got hurt, some others are dead. If you can, please spread the news.
This is not a simple election problem, this is the government calling for violence and war between both sides.

I'll keep posting here about this. Please help us spread the information, we want all the help we can get.

Also, I suggest the threads title to be changed to something more attractive. The things going on here are a Major Issue at international level, and safety is first for all of us. Maduro's not going to accept the recount of votes, he wants people to fight each other.

These are some pictures and videos from all over the social networks: (Warning, strong content ahead, watch on your own consideration)



Please forgive my horrible english as it's not my primary language.
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