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I personally love Min-Maxing Pokes, I do personally craft my own, though I'm usually in something like Pokemon Showdown! without having an actual game. Forcing me to play legit would be completely fine by me as long as they made capping level easier. I shouldn't have to spam-run the elite four thousands of times to max a party of pokes. While yes, some of us do have the time to handcraft, breed, level and hatch every pokemon, I personally don't. The little time I get to play I'd like to do what I enjoy, not feel so far behind it's not worth it. So, the solution? PokeSav/Gen. I don't typically spam shinies but I do make perfect EVs/IVs, for sure. Not worrying as much about IVs as EVs of course. The difference in a speed stacked or bulk stacked poke can make a game breaking difference.
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