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Quote originally posted by Retro Bug:
Can you reserve me for yellow (don't know what shade yet), Rogue, and female? :)

Checkmate forever!

Quote originally posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers:
Thanks for the interest guys :D But this is just the IC thread, lacking much information and the SU sheet even because those are in the OOC thread. Which should be in the Lounge and maybe just got overlooked, or it disappeared and I'll have to resubmit it.

Your reservations are valid though!

EDIT: trying to get Skymin or someone to see if the OOC thread is still unapproved in the Lounge :p I promise there's more story and explanations in there than here so just ignore this thread for now, please :p

Ahem, with that being said I'm reserving the yellow, Rogue, and female.


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