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Fire Monotype - Platinum

Defeated Volknor at some point. Got stuck in the last room trying to reach him for a couple of hours. Stupid half-turn switches! Nearly got killed several times in Victory Road from lack of AP and super effective hits. (Stupid ground/rock types!) By the time I got to the E4, my team was at level 59 so already overleveled. Blasted through the E4 easily enough, though had to do revives often enough. Defeated Cynthia easily, with a +6 Houndoom with Nasty Plot (haha Spiritomb useless).

Clear time: 15:50

Final Team:
Timid Houndoom
Shadow Ball|Flamethrower|Nasty Plot|Dark Pulse

Timid Infernape
Close Combat|Mach Punch|Flare Blitz|Grass Knot

Mild Magmortar
Psychic|Lava Plume|Thunderbolt|Flamethrower
Terriermon and Lopmon

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