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Shadow Adler
Shadow took careful steps approaching Rootdry town. His bass guitar casually banging against the back of his leg, one headphone in his ear blasting out some music he couldn't remember the name of. Today was another change in his life, he was getting a pokemon. He tried to ignore the fact that it could be a forced friendship and that this pokemon would like to be friends with him. Every few steps he looked back, he had this awful feeling someone was watching him.

He finally got to Rootdry town. Despite the name Shadow found it a lovely place, and he couldn't resist splashing some water as he walked along the edge of the stream. He safely assumed the large building in the middle of the town was the lab. There were already two people standing there, he politely noodled his head at them before walking through the lab doors. He looked in fascination at the complex stuff around the lab, he walked nervously up to the professor who was standing by an open draw with some new pokèballs inside.
"Hello...." Shadow said quietly, the professor didn't respond. It was no surprise Shadow can be barely audible sometimes. He continued to look around not daring to speak again. When the Proffesor turned round she was shocked to see Shadow standing there his eyes on his trainers.
"Oh hello, didn't see you there. So why are you here?" She asked. "Oh wait, I know you are one if the new trainers I called aren't you?" She asked before Shadow could open his mouth.
"Umm, yeah I guess so" he said softly.
"Well take your pic, Im Professor Pine and you are?" The Professor said with a smile.
"Shadow Adler" Came a slightly louder reply. He took a look at the pokèballs in the draw, his eyes where locked on one holding an eevee.
"I guess I will have him if you don't mind" Shadow said politely his hand hovering over the pokèball.
"Of course, it's your choice after all" Professor Pine said. Shadow smiled took the pokèball and walked out. He didn't bother to see if the two other people where still there he headed straight for the stream. He wasn't sure if he had to stay in Rootdry, there could be more explanation. So he just sat by the stream, maybe someone would approach him.
Sitting by the edge of the stream he realised his new eevee out of its pokèball. The eevee was energetic and Shadow smiled as he went to the stream to sip the water.
"Your quite cute aren't you?" He said smiling at the eevee, who turned round only just noticing Shadow was there. And the eevee ran and jumped into Shadows lap. Soon, finding out what was going on slipped from Shadows mind as he sat with his pokemon, trying to build a close bond.

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