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Silver Galleleo
in the air over the forest

more explosions went throughout the air ship. Silver continued packing. he packed up as many berries, fruits, and other food items in his pack as much as he could. he made sure that Sillerax, Fang and Tank were all in their pokeballs. Silver then took off his coat and hat, revealing his Silver horns, wings, and tail. Silver waited for the perfect time, when everyone was battling, to make his escape.

once everyone was distracted Silver put his backpack on, tied and attached the coat and hat to it, he then charged at a window in his room. just before he hit he used strength, and broke through and was now in the air, well falling through the air was more like it.

He kept his wings folded and close to his body, allowing him to gain speed. Eventually, about 20 ft above the tree tops he unfolded his wings and was gliding.

after a while Silver felt his hunger gnawing at him again, he decided it was time to land... LAND! he didn't know how to land... that was the flaw in this idea. Since he had to land anyway he started letting his altitude drop, he tried landing on top of a tree, but instead landed in the tree.

Silver struggled around a bit, creating quite a lot of noise, he soon discovered he was stuck... he stopped struggling and looked around. the tree he was in was a fruit bearing tree. he moved his tail to one of the fruits, he examined it, and tasted it with his tongue. The fruit was good. so he ate it, then he saw a human and a Monferno, clearly trainer and pokemon underneath a strange looking tree. the human had a box near him.

Silver then heard growling, at first he was startled, and scared... then he discovered that he was the one growling, he instantly stopped, irritated that the pokemon half of him sometimes makes such sounds, he was also rather embarrassed by it. he stayed as still as he could and hopped to avoid being found by the trainer.
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