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Originally Posted by Anglican View Post
Sure! At first, for scripting, I won't be much help, unfortunately, however, as I start leaning a bit more (And mucking around with Essential Scripts), I'll see what I can do!

Ok, I looked into the scripts. At the moment, I have no idea how to do this, but, for the most efficient way, for enemies, create the events via a script. Anyone know how to do this?
That's great. My best guess is setting the events to parallel process and calling a script from there, maybe even using common events. I'll look into it also.

Originally Posted by Varion View Post
Yes, storage, banks, and shops.
I can try. I've already a wise know-how for the Poké Bank.
That would be usefull, as the pokébank stores variables for the amount deposited and the savings present. It can also be applied to storage as well if I'm not mistaken.