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I'm not sure if I could imagine remakes in those new style of graphics. Not that it's a bad thing, but to be honest it wouldn't really feel as nostalgic for me without the top view overworld sprite.
What if the Hoenn remakes had graphics that were a 3D version of that picture of May followed by a Linoone walking through some grass? Who put in their signature for a bit again, and where'd it come from and go?
Thanks, Sydian, for changing your signature back to something that contains one the images from that source; doing so allowed me to select 'Copy Image Address' from the contextual menu that Safari, my Mac's web browser, generated for it. All of those ideas for how different areas of Hoenn could look on the 3DS if the graphics engine driving the region was designed to output images whose style looks about half-way between those of Generations V and VI came from a certain SirAquakip's DeviantArt page on a so-called 'Hoenn Project.' The graphics aren't accurate to Generation VI, but they have about the right zoom level…
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