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Quote originally posted by BroskiRage:
Hey danny you dont mind if i put the graphics for my pokemon red graphics?
What exactly are you asking?

Quote originally posted by gatarda:
Could you give me the Assembly files of the custom Battle Themes?
I did not import the songs into this hack. That was done by FroggestSpirit and I honestly have no understanding of how he did it so I'm afraid I can't be much help. I'll get back to you if I find out how to be more useful.

Hacks made from my Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch (V2.0 JUST RELEASED):
Pokemon Red Proud Eyes [Skeetendo Link] by break
Pokemon Grape [Skeetendo Link] by 80C
Pokémon Red: Battle Factory [Skeetendo Link] by ShantyTown
Pokemon Ruthless Red and Pokemon Brutal Blue by ScytherTM
Pokemon Ice Blue by Dradier234
Pokemon Tough Red by slim spazzy
Pokemon Red: Legends by BroskiRage
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