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Same here and I have been enjoying it just as much as I did back than :D Indeed its been on for like 15 years haha

I forget the whole reason why I stopped watching the Johto Leagues, its such a blur if I think about it but I feel it was one of those things a kid outgrows and find something else of interest.

Oh wonderful thank you so much for suggestions. I know what you mean by so many episodes hahaha once I found a website to watch it asked me to choose a season and was amazed how many seasons there are. A little over whelmed but i do enjoy the anime series so it should be fun catching up. I never knew it was a disliked season, after every episode i like the get some facts about it through the bulbapedia episode guide. For sure it be nice to converse with another about the anime :D

I think pokemon will be around for quite awhile or at I least hope so if its survived all these years im sure it will go on. Yes I plan on catching up with the movies because you learn more about pokemon and the whole storyline of why certain things exist or why certain things are the way theY are.

I think my love for Pikachu comes from the fact that its a mouse lol and also its the Primary pokemon everyon thinks of when they think Pokemon. My likes for these certain pokemon come from the extent of being apart of the first initial fan base of the first 150 pokemon its what i grew up watching and its what I know so far. Looking at some of the new pokemon makes me think REALLY LIKE REALLY! but im sure the further along i watch the series and play the games i will learn to like the newer pokemon haha its like tryna teach an old dog new tricks haha.
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