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I have like 6 accounts... only use this one, though. Always tough since you can't change your username though so I can see what you mean. :( Great to have you back on PC and nice to meet you, Rusty! Lovin' the username~!

Glaceon is definitely the most elegant of the eeveelutions. It's so cute and packs a wallop, though it can be hard since it's pretty slow so if it were to get hit, it can faint easily. At least that's the issue I have with mine in Black 2. It was so exciting to see that May's Eevee evolved into Glaceon though, she was my favorite female from the show so seeing her get such a cool eeveelution was awesome. *~* Do you watch the anime or was that just an avatar you nabbed off somewhere/made yourself? Would be cool to run into more fans; I'm curious!

Awww but I'm sure what you say does make sense. You must not be hard on yourself! Go ahead and contribute, you'll be glad you did. There's a place for pretty much everything here so hopefully you find that special board(s) that catch your eye more than others. I reckon we have an eeveelution fanclub here at Pokemon Clubs, so maybe you'll be interested in checking that out sometime if you like Eevee and its forms? Up to you!

Enjoy your stay here. :D
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