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Hailey, Arcea, Emily and Bay - Outskirts of Jubilife
Hailey seemed angry with Amethyst, or rather Faith whom was possessing her. First angry, then confused... then angry again. This time her expression lingered, as if she'd had a moment of doubt.


She stared Faith down for a moment before a boy abruptly interrupted. She turned her head and narrowed her eyes at Bay harshly, decidedly staring him down instead. Soon Arcea moved in behind Hailey, maybe half a meter behind her. She waited until Bay was finished almost patiently. Perhaps he didn't realize that she was psychic..? You're lucky Lucy can't see you holding that, Bay! She'd... gobble you up... or /something/!

"...The only hypocrite here is you, /boy/. I've seen what your kind is capable of..." she responded in an extremely venemous tone. Who was his kind again? ...Males? ...Pokespirit wielders? ...Humans?

"I'm no hypocrite..." she responded in a more calm tone, beginning to focus her mind. An aura started to radiate around her, whereas Arcea became tense, her tail curling around her leg and head-tail around her neck respectively. She too seemed to start glowing with a barely visible aura of energy, like a wavering in the air as if they were both emitting a strong ammount of heat into the air through their bodies. It was the only warning Bay would be getting that they were not sitting ducks to be attacked.

"Do you think anyone but I cared when Jonathan was murdered in his home by bandits, or when Milly perished in the desert because no one cared to feed her? NO!" she growled out, a sort of righteous fury boiling to the surface. "Because they were the ones that killed them! Do you think anyone but myself mourned when...--" she continued, still almost rabid with fury until she abruptly stopped as if something had caught her attention. "...when Ciel..." she continued before once again trailing off into nothing. Suddenly her rage was gone, replaced only with bitterness. Whom had these names belonged to, and why were they significant to Hailey?

Perhaps Faith would recognize them from conversations long past--Conversations that took place long before Hailey, or rather Myra, had become... /like this/. They were the names of the children that had previously wielded Myra, Hailey's pokespirit. Knock knock? Who's there? Not Hailey! Not really... anyway. Ciel in particular Faith would find she did not know anything about. Hailey had never at any point or time been willing to talk about that particular child.

"...You can try and stop me if you want... We're not afraid to die. Everyone has to die. It's the only way..." she said, beginning to mumble her words. Notably she had finally referred to herself as more than one person, a trait most wielders could identify with. She proceeded to turn away from Bay to stare directly at the city. Holding out one hand she proceeded to narrow her eyes and start to clench her fist as if imagining herself crushing the city. In reality, she was readying herself to do exactly that... only with psychic power instead of her bare fist.

Meanwhile, Arcea merely stared Bay down. She was oddly silent for someone following someone as passionate as Hailey around.

Bay clutched the potion tighter. He had no clue what Hailey's anger was directed at. She seemed to be experiencing a delirium or to just be insane in the first place. Whether or not those were the names of fallen comrades or just made up names would probably never be known to him. This all just seemed to be the work of a confused person who pushed all of their emotions onto others and didn't care who suffered.

"So killing good and bad without differntiating the two then letting Arceus sort them out is your idea of justice?" He would finish this one way or another. He didn't know who it was who was the most powerful of this group but if this girl wanted to kill innocent people then it didn't matter to him. He shifted his free hand to his belt and clutched his knife.

In one split second he hurled his knife at Hailey as if to distract her, though without an arm applying force from behind after being thrown it really served no other purpose, not so much s able to pierce Hailey's skin. It bounced off harmlessly, landing on the ground nearby. Hailey turned and stared at the knife briefly in disbelief, as if questioning what fool would actually believe such a petty attack would actually hurt her, before turning back to what she was occupied with. Meanwhile, Bay burrowed into the ground using dig. Dirt and debris covered his eyesight and before he knew it, he was tunneling underground. He dug around the area where Hailey was in a few circles before rising out of the ground in front of Hailey with the potion in hand. He then made an attempt to swing his tail at her, which glinted with a metallic shrine and texture indicating an iron tail attack. As he did this, simultaneously moving to whip the potion at her as a secondary effort, a powerful foot slammed into his chest. It was Hailey, flying through the air in a move straight out of a kung-fu movie. It wasn't a powered move, but rather improvised combat. Therefore, it did not pack anything more than her supernatural strength behind it. That was still more than enough in her coiled state to knock Bay harshly onto his back, where the skirt-wearing female promptly perched above him, one leg pressing down on his chest and making it slightly hard to breath. She was totally flashing Bay her undergarments from above as an unfortuante result of her short skirt, but... frankly she didn't care. She was too busy hurting him.

The potion flew through the air.

Crack! The makeshift glass container broke against Hailey's skull, and the odd liquid spilled all over her. At first she merely seemed to be distracted by the blow, turning to glare at Bay only to find that Arcea was dealing with him. The sound of sizzling could be heard however, and soon a look of alarm spread across the small girl's face. She cringed and adopted a face of pain, attempting to wipe the liquid off to no avail. It seemed to be... /burning/ her! Yet, no burns of the physical sort seemed to appear on her body. Rather, after a few moments of struggle she collapsed onto her knees and clutched at her stomach. "W-Why?!" she demanded, seemingly of Arceus. "What did you do?!" she then demanded of Bay, glaring at him harshly. At this point Arcea turned and just sort of cringed at the sight. The liquid bubbled against Hailey's skin, reacting with it, absorbing into her. Soon she fell to her side and curled into a ball, just sort of shuddering there. One could only imagine how painful it must've been, like being ripped apart at the soul-level and forcefully de-fused.

What was likely of less concern was a feeling of static electricity building in the air. It was strong enough that many of the spirit wielders probably noticed it. Hairs stood on end, and internal compasses went crazy. ...However, if any of them had known what was about to come next, they probably would've paid more attention to this than the girl writhing in pain on the ground. Abruptly, the sound of something large shoving air aside at an extremely fast rate would reach the ears of everyone present. If any of those present looked up, they'd see a bright light growing larger by the second. At first it grew at a slow pace, but it rapidly started to grow at an increasing rate.

That was no light in the sky...

It was coming towards them! Arcea froze up, staring up into the sky like a dear in headlights. Hailey was in no condition to move. There was no time to dodge without utilizing teleport. Arcea attempted to dive off Bay in an effort to shield Hailey with her own body, but in reality it wasn't directly at Hailey. The blast of light, a beam of destruction stretching several meters in diameter, crashed down into the earth with incredible force, immediately tossing Arcea through the air as it generated a powerful shockwave, scorching her body and sending her rolling into a bodily heap on the ground nearby. The beam hit Bay directly. The boy hadn't had the faintest chance, and the light consumed him readily. Hailey, having been no more than a few feet away, was also consumed. The blast spanned several moments before the area cleared, leaving a crater in the ground with no sign of Hailey or Bay to be seen.

The scorched earth was hard, and packed tight. There was little hope that they were burried under it. Both of them had been utterly vaporized.

Looks like someone forgot the rules~
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