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I still find it strange as a Flying type. I would never have thought of those entrails as wings. But yeah, I didn't notice the wing in the egg (the egg clearly meant, I think, to symbolize that it's still new and not in use yet, as well as anything else).

The point by Xander that it looks more like Burgh's Bug Badge, many of you people chose Bug? I did think the eyes could pass for that, so it's looking like those are the two leading candidates based on this new egg shape. I wasn't convinced enough to put it in front of a Dragon possibility, though I had no founded reason for Dragon typing.

Supporting the Bug theory, which is not much posted on here, I found the following which I will quote from another message board (I'm assuming this is allowed, but if not, I will edit it down to relevant points or just link). This was posted way back in mid-February.

Now, we know the Japanese name 'Ninfia'

We know the English name 'Sylveon'

and while people have made the connection that Sylve = Sylph = flying

I believe that looking at the German and French names (which everyone seems to be forgetting) reveals a lot more than the English name.

In German Ninfia is known as 'Feelinara' which sounds like feeling or feline (possibly hinting to the fact that Eevee can evolve through the new bond mechanic)

In French however Ninfia is known as Nymphali = Nymph = Woodland forest creature.

However, when you translate Nymphale (sounding a lot like Nymphali) into English you get 'Pupal'

Which is defined by the English dictionary as:

"The nonfeeding stage between the larva and adult in the metamorphosis of holometabolous insects, during which the larva typically undergoes complete transformation within a protective cocoon or hardened case."
That sounds Buggy to me.

So I would say this is a valid possibility, and Flying and Bug have become the two top candidates. I'm eating crow on my immediate Ghost guess, as Bugs can also be quite light compared to other types.

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