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Name: James Weiss Avery
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Vampire

Appearance: James’ physique can be described as slim (he is 6’1” and weighs 145 pounds). Although he is fairly skinny he doesn’t have lanky appendages like most would think, instead, his arms and legs are rather toned (will be explained in the history). In his human form his eyes are light green. His hair is black in color, while its length and style is short-medium and unkempt, respectively. James often wears button-up shirts (usually black or white), accompanied by black pants. Sometimes he wears a black short brim fedora. James wears a bracelet type rosary around his left wrist. As a side note he carries a small blood flask for serious occasions. Like all Vampires his Youkai form is relatively the same in appearance with the main differences being that his hair is silver and his eyes are red.

Personality: In his human form James is typically aloof. He prefers to have fun when he can and generally dislikes being restricted. He has a habit of going overboard in situations and often gets in trouble as a result. Overall a friendly person and doesn’t like the racial inequalities many of his kind put on other Youkai. This is rather contrasting with his Youkai form.

In his Youkai form his attitude leans more towards the serious side. Those who offend him better expect a duel and should not take James lightly. He will use his swordplay to give him an advantage in battles, since it gives him extra reach and is somewhat faster than martial arts. The fundamentals behind his personality remain the same (IE: stands for racial equality).

History: James’ family is generally considered a well off family. Unfortunately, his father could care less about whether his family is "well off." Instead James' father, Orrick, wishes to seize more from society. In an effort to reach his dream Orrick raised James with a cruel and stoic attitude. James was taught from a young age various regalities and educated in political knowledge, all in hope of James becoming a Bureaucrat. James disliked his childhood and still has yet to forgive his father for the various sins he has committed. The rough learning schedule wore on James' mind, but he found solace in fencing. Fencing allowed James to survive all the rough years and served as an outlet for his discontent towards his father.

He truly excels at any sport requiring finesse, such as fencing and soccer. As previously mentioned, fencing was one of the activities he grew up doing. His excellence at fencing has influenced his fighting abilities and as a result he prefers to use rapiers instead of hand to hand combat. Due to his unwillingness to fight unarmed his father looks down on him as a weakling. He believes that fencing is nothing more than sport and that weapons are a hindrance to a Vampire’s capabilities.

His father decided that sending him to Youkai Academy would help him intermingle with the other Youkai species and allow him to develop a good social standing with more influential individuals. Almost immediately James was admitted into the Academy. James is now on his way to the Academy and his story has yet to unfold.

Weakness: Water, Rosary/Crosses, and Anemia.
Other: He owns three swords that he usually doesn’t carry. They are a rapier, a cutlass, and a foil. He also likes blood oranges… Cliché alert!
Code: Peach Strawberry (sounds strangely appetizing)

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