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Sammy Cooper - Beach - Traumatised Cubone Scene!

Sammy shushed the wailing Cubone and pulled out a Potion, spraying the little guy. It seemed to make him feel better, his crying trailing off into sniffles. He snuggled in close to her, turning his face away from Mark and Len. Sammy stood up, stilling cradling Cubone.

"No, Mark, really, it's my fault. I shouldn't have pushed Cubone so hard... I'll need to think about the way I'm raising him. I don't want you or Len feeling bad, neither of you did anything wrong." When Mark mentioned trying again with a different pokemon she was a little suprised. But who was she to say no to second chances? She could kill two delibirds with one stones if she could calm down Cubone down.

"Are you sure? I've got other pokemon, but you wouldn't need to switch out your Poliwrath. It's not like he took any hits or anything."
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