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Hey everyone!

I am new to everything Pokemon basicly and decided to try it out. I thought it best to start out at the beginning with FireRed before I move on to HeartGold etc...but that is not important atm.

What I am reaching out for here is a little feedback on my pre-30's team.
I know this is probably a chore for you guys/gals, but there is so much varying information out there based on stuff I have no clue if it is relevant for me or not.

Desired playstyle/goal is to play through the normal storyline (maybe get a legendary or two if possible) and then move on to the next game. No 100% completion, competetive play etc.

Active Team so far:
Nidoking lv 24
Charmeleon lv 23 (starter choice)
Gyarados lv 20
Pikachu lv 19
Mankey lv 13
Abra lv 12

I've got several other ofc. I think I've caught all the ones available so far (I am standing outside Misty's Gym atm).

I would appreciate it very much if you would help me line up a path for the game so that I don't waste too much time leveling up something useless or something that will be swapped for something better soon anyway.

A newbie gives thanks