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4-17-12 (Black 2)

It's a cold Winter day in the far corner of Unova, and today is the day a young man named Andrew's journey starts in the world of Pokemon.

Andrew was kinda forced into thew world of Pokemon out of nowhere. His mother had received a call from long time friend Professor Juniper. The esteemed Pokemon Professor was once again looking for young people to help her in the task of completing the Pokedex, and encyclopedia that stores data about Pokemon. She thought that Andrew would be the perfect person for the job (No doubt due to all the good things his mother has told her over the years). When his Mother asked him, Andrew was more then willing to start his Pokemon Adventure, being more then eager to rise the ranks to become just as strong as his hero. David. The Hero of Truth. The trainer who had defeated Team Plasma and bested The Hero of Ideals, N. Who have both since have been out of the Spotlight, even after David briefly having the Champion Title. The Legends say that after he and Reshiram became united, he seeked even stronger Pokemon. He became the first person to finish Unova's Pokedex.

Andrew's Mother told him that he was to find a Women named Bianca, and that she could be identified by a big green hat and blonde hair. She did so in a very systematic fashion and soon before Andrew could really grasp what was going on he was out the door of his house and onto the cobblestone brick that spread over the city of Aspertia. It was a small quaint city that was famous for it's view. Andrew suspected that she had might gone to the local Pokemon center and started to make his way there.

Andrew was intercepted by his longtime friend Hugh, who had himself only recently aquired a Pokemon of his own, one that he had raised from an egg. After hearing that Andrew was about to recieve a Pokemon of his own. He got excited for Andrew, knowing that Andrew would be a good person to check his own skills with, and insisted on joining Andrew to find Bianca. After breifly explaining that Bianca was not in the Pokemon Center, they continued towards the towns signature Lookout Point. Along the way they passed by the newly built Trainer School, Hugh commenting that there was still no teacher or "gym leader" yet. They finally reach the otherside of town, and Hugh remains at the steps so that Andrew can go and talk to Bianca.

Bianca was a plesent, if not slightly ditzy sort. She presented 3 Pokemon to Andrew. There was Snivy, the Grass Type. Tepig the Fire Type, and Oshawatt, the water type.
After some thought, it he decided to go with Snivy,naming him Snivley after his smug expression. Andrew knew Snively's Quirky personality would make this trip even more intesting. Bianca then gave Andrew a Pokedex. Hugh, also asked to receive a Pokedex, claiming that the process would make him stronger. Bianca then suggested that Andrew should try testing his skill on Hugh. They both agreed.

Hugh's Pokemon was a Tepig. The opposite type of Andrew's Snivy. Although Andrew was at a disadvantage, with some quick thinking, and a little bit of luck, he was able to best Hugh in his first ever battle. Hugh said his goodbyes to both Andrew and Bianca, and then make his way ahead to route 19.

Shortly after, Bianca and Andrew also make their way into Route 19, where Bianca kindly instructed Andrew on the basics on capturing Pokmeon. With this in mind Andrew started his quest towards Floccey town, capturing a Patrat, named Caffiend after his red-eyed stare, and a Purrlion, which Andrew named Purrevil. Andrew had an odd taste for puns.
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