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Aw aw it's okayyy you're back for one of the best episodes ever anyway <33

So yeah this episode is just really cool. I'm not gonna bother liveblogging it because I've seen it many times over and have liveblogged it over on tumblr. I really really like that this episode had some really funny bits and was overall very entertaining but the climax was actually really scary and the implications throughout were just like... whoa.
It still gets me that Ash kept his promise to walk on his hands for Iris if it rained hahaha. And yeah Cilan's shriek will never not be funny omg. Watching the TRio slowly die is always always nerve-wracking and idk that's not the right word but gosh. Of course the Hitomoshi legit trying to murder everyone is really scary even though they were adorable before and augh. I love this episode okay. It's super intense no matter how many times I see it.

I should probably mention that I watch any BW episode in Japanese and all the others in English dub haha.
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