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Originally Posted by Alucart88 View Post
Hi, I just loved what you did *-* I dug up an older cellphone just to play your hack, like DCson 17 I just had a problem to replay gen I with that graphics LOL!

The only downside is that on meboy its just plays black and white D:

Are you planning to do the same for Yellow version? I would love it, so I could play Gen I on meboy with colors *-* LOL, but Im just asking =) again thanks for this awesome hack!
Thank you for your support! Unfortuately, I do not plan on repeating this process for Yellow at this time.

Originally Posted by K2 XTREME View Post
Does all 151 pokemon have their gsc counterpart sprites inserted into this base rom?

Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
Wow it is a great patch! No more sucking graphics while doing a Gen 1 challenge.
Thanks a lot!!

Hacks made from my Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch:
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Pokemon Grape [Skeetendo Link] by 80C
Pokémon Red: Battle Factory [Skeetendo Link] by ShantyTown
Pokemon Ice Blue by Dradier234
Pokemon Tough Red by slim spazzy
Pokemon Red: Legends by BroskiRage
Pokemon Brutal Blue by ScytherTM

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