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I guess there will be always two schools of thoughts when it comes to tierings, people who think like Pachy and Vrai [I disagree with the first part of Vrais post completely but it's just opposing views really] and people like myself [and some others, a friend of mine form Smogon shares the same ideas], that offense can never be made 'un-viable' form bans and it's the offensive player's responsibility to plan out and strategically weaken certain links of a stall team so one mon can break through, rather than just throwing a landorus keldeo tyranitar at it and 6KOing everything when the SpDef Celebi gets owned by Landorus U-Turn. Anyways I just don't see PC OU as a success, maybe im being pessimistic but it didn't work out the first time and I'm not sure the site has the resources [player knowledge-wise] to make it a reality, sorry. I think everyone should just try to get good at smogon tiers but not shy away from any one of them bc they think its bad because of whatever theyve heard.