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Looks like I've just been really lucky the past couple months. I was level grinding my shiny Chatot when I stumbled upon this!

While not a shiny I'll ever use, it's at least a nice one unlike the lame Zebstrika I randomly found. This is also the third shiny I've caught with a gentle nature. >_< This is the second fifth gen shiny I've caught on my black 2 file with the shiny charm, so if I catch another that means it will apply to the yearly quest! : )

Funny thing is that when I found it, I threw a repeat ball at it and it was a Critical Capture. XD My luck has to run out sooner or later.

I also notice that all of my shinies have a partner.
Pidgeot + Torchic = Golden Birds
Zebstrika + Audino = Fifth generation purple shinies found by accident.
Beedrill + Lunatone = hovering blue eyed shinies
Pachirisu + Chatot = Chained Pink Shinies.

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