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Sammy Cooper

"Alright then," Sammy said agreeably, retreating back to her original position. Dropping to her haunches she set Cubone down and smiled down at the little guy. "Okay buddy, I guess you're not quite ready to take on such a scary pokemon, huh?"
"And that's not a problem, I should've paid more attention to where you were at. So how about you get a workout with me instead? I'm going to be dancing around the outside of the battle trying to avoid all the trouble. Wanna join in?"
"Here, I'll show you."

Raising her fists and going back to the balls of her toes Sammy began dancing from foot to foot, ducking and weaving from side to side - shadowboxing without throwing a punch. After a few repetitions Cubone experimentally began trying to emulate her, shuffling his feet and shifting from left to right.

"That's good Cubone! Keep at it and we'll get there! Alright then Mark, let's see if this is a little more even." Sammy grinned mischeviously and unclipped the Luxury Ball from her belt, tossing it towards the battle space between them and releasing Shuppet.

The dark blue pokemon hung in the air, staring eerily at Mark without making a sound. Really, really she should have sent out Corphish. He was her strongest pokemon and she was familair with him, while this would be her first ever battle with Shuppet. Her Pokemon selection, although geared towards the ones she needed to work with most, certainly needed improvement.
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