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Quote originally posted by Magnetic:
Hey! I just came back today for the first time in a loooong time. I'm playing White 2 and approaching the Elite Four. Free hugs are awesome
Yaaay. Good job. :3 *huggle* ooo! ... ... add me?

Quote originally posted by Shadowraze:
Hello there Megolonius!

You can trade with your friends in the Trade Corner forums and have some battles in the Battle Center Forums. There are many people there so be sure to make friends with them. If you wanna have a chat just VM me I won't bite. :3

If you have any questions regarding the forum you can ask any of our dear staff members via VM/PM.

Anyways, Welcome and have a nice stay here on Pokecommunity!
Thank you, really nice staff member person! Here's your hug. *huggles*
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