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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
It really doesn't especially since this is only coming up because there wasn't a remake when everyone said there would be a remake. Constantly changing the "proof" and hints is just a way of prolonging excuses. When it was apparent in Gen 5, it was said they would absolutely be done. Now that its been proven that it won't appear in Gen 5, all the proof and hints that pointed that they'd be in Gen 5 shift to they'll be in Gen 6.

We're just making excuses right now. Gen 2 Music in Gen 3 game has nothing to do with Gen 2 remake in Gen 4. Gen 3 music in Gen 5 has nothing to do with Gen 3 remake in Gen 6. We're just grasping at straws in an attempt to keep possibility alive and we don't even need to do that. They'll be remade when Gamefreak wants to remake them. They may not even drop any hints to a remake and magically create the Remakes when we least expect it.

Right now their focus is on New and better things. When they get over their little fad of speedily creating new things for self gratification and pats on the back to prove that they aren't out of ideas, they'll shift to remaking old games again. Though this can be anywhere between 2 to 10 years from now.
I know you're just stating the truth, but I nearly cried.
I can't wait 'til adulthood(?) for these remakes. I lost hope reading this message.
The world is at chaos over here, so I'm praying for something to lighten it up, like these remakes.
I grew up with Emerald, so I am disappointed. I presume I am (definitely) not the only one.
Game Freak, please; provide us a light.

Good day.