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Originally Posted by Navy Blue View Post
I know you're just stating the truth, but I nearly cried.
I can't wait 'til adulthood(?) for these remakes. I lost hope reading this message.
The world is at chaos over here, so I'm praying for something to lighten it up, like these remakes.
I grew up with Emerald, so I am disappointed. I presume I am (definitely) not the only one.
Game Freak, please; provide us a light.
There are rumors about the GBA games appearing on either the Wii U (newer) and 3DS Virtual Consoles. You can probably also find petitions to add them on to them somewhere.

I'm not saying they will never happen as Gamefreak wants our money. They'll happen eventually. We still have a 2 year waiting period after X and Y before anything can be finalized. Its not a solid thing to go off of, but based on what we have, its the only thing we have to go off of even if its most likely wrong. So 2015 is possible Remake territory.