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Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
Very good points, especially the error one.

Another thing I've been considering is following photoshop tutorials about template design. Even though its copying it can give me a better feel for interface/ui design. My project I've been working on now is making a registration/login system with form/processing to log into a simple page. Nothing extreme just enough to design a good login/registration system. Mainly so I can focus on the design.

Anyone else have any helpful advice or links?
Cool beans. I say go for it..! The more you know, the more you can make your own style a good one.

As for other advice, I can't really say I have too much for just things in general, but I can certainly help out if you want to ask me about something in specific. The only real advice I can say right now is, if you haven't already, get familiar with IRC. It is one of the best places to get help on pretty much any coding topic, including CSS and design. And if IRC fails you, a well-worded and unique question on StackOverflow will almost always get a good answer.

Though I must ask...

Since this is a login system, will this include any server-side coding? Because if so, you should also take a look into proper cryptography for storing passwords. It pretty much boils down to multi-hashing with a salt, because it is incredibly easy to bruteforce most types of hashes.

This little bit of PHP code is often the type I like to use (Often with some variation, sometimes even a loop for a hash factor to make it scalable.):
function password($password){
  return md5(sha1($password . $this->salt) . $this->salt);
$salt is a constant string that no one will know except for you, the developer. And $password is the password you wish to hash.

Either way, good luck..!
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