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"Draping Vine" Pecha

"Pecha! please let go!" screamed Spencer the Spinda as Pecha wraped his vines in a constricting embrace around the panda. Upon the loud outburst in the common room the tangela decided to loosen his grip, still victim to stares all across room.

"Sorry brother, I only wanted to repay you for your kindness," apologized Pecha as he retracted his long blue vines, his red ribbon still in tact.

"But dude, I have no idea where you've been!" exclaimed the frantic spinda, "sorry but I need to take take a bath." Andy then dashed towards the bathing quarters.

"What a shame, sighed Pecha, it seems people won't accept love and appreciation, even after four years." All he did was hug Andy for picking up his dropped cheri berry and putting it in his rucksack, what could he have done wrong? Oh well. he thought, The outcome was much better than Lynn's usual response; grass-types resist electricity... ha. Afterwards Pecha did what he always does after he hugs someone and makes a scene: go outside and let everyone cool down.

Ironically enough, there was a hailstorm outside, Why hail? thought Pecha. He kept trying to think of a reason, but hailstones hitting his head until it got annoying. "Okay! That's enough!" Grumbled the irritated tangela, as he cleared the skies with Sunny Day. As the hail slowed down the sky revealed to be dark for the afternoon, but more importantly he saw a sole ponyta fighting off two bronzongs, and a snover lying in the grass, all in the distance. The snover had grey fur on top of him instead of the usual white. Pecha suddenly recognized the unique feature, he was fellow teammate, Ryan was it?

He made no hesitation. It wasn't bright enough outside to run a fast speeds due to his chlorophyll ability, but he made it over to the snover nonetheless.
In desperation, Pecha took an oran berry out of his rucksack, shoved it towards the snover's mouth, and then attempted to wrap around him and "squeeze some life in him." One of the bronzongs took sight of him, preparing a mirror shot.

"Wake up bro! "Wake up!"
Yay Jesus!

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