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Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post
Due to this challenge being not really user-friendly, I will start to allow some fusion. ONLY A MINIMUM OF FUSION IS REQUIRED. You must scratch for the majority of the sprite/forme.

This way you do not have to be an excellent spriter; I guess the main thing about this WPC is design and concept. I will extend the deadline if needed to compensate.

Keep in mind the size does not have to be relatively huge like I said before. The 120x120 canvas is for those who are daring to make a god-like forme. It can be a legendary like Groudon going into some smaller forme of a serpent/four-legs, etc. Basically you can make an amalgamation of this sprite with some scratch involved. Good luck.
That might put some relief on my head, although I'm not going for much. But I really want the deadline extended, as fetching stuff for this isn't easy, as we have to work out the design, like the case of the Eeveelution WPC.

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